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Locations: submit

If you have a location in Oxfordshire you would like to register please use the form below to submit details, or contact us by email or telephone. It is important to emphasize that this data base only covers Oxfordshire properties.

In order to maintain and develop this service Location Oxfordshire will charge a 10% 'finders fee' to location owners on any new income generated. Please read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

After registration, you will be able to log back in again at any time with the email address and password you set here, and manage your location details.

New locations or changes to registered locations must be approved before they go live. If you have any queries about your submission, please contact Location Oxfordshire with the reference number you will receive after filling in the form below.

On the next page you may submit up to six images. Please have these ready prepared as JPEG images, maximum 1000 pixels in any dimension, or 300Kb.

Submission is temporarily disabled for maintenance.